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A FLAPDOODLE ... A COPROLALOMANIAC ... A DOPPELGANGER ... a blog when written when deranged for a man to give one gyp and what a gyp with a gusto ... this blog a mistaken ladder furnishes its one carrying self-lagoon ... rotten blog holding a periapt to vomit to laugh and cry and shout and yell ... a preface to the birth of an ablazed moon ... all white all gay all blood all sand ...


A  Mesonoxian  Exactitude  of  5  Sentences

           This blog caters itself as a literary vortex where all the plentitude and indigence of its authors capacity as well as incapacity to write with arduous symmetries and language-labyrinths, co-exist. Here, the idiosyncratic ramifications of heterogenous themes, reciprocated with multitudinous diversity of styles, provide many a corpus of interpretations for the readers. Whelped as a wallydrag, whether the author of whatever is promulgated here, by virtue of his vellum and encaustum, has become a true honorificabilitudinitatibus, or a mere widdiful, is what the cerebral readers of this blog should agnise. He certainly is notorious for his stupefaction of the readers’ ethos, and he hardly cares about the traducements against his ribazuba-pen; for he has deponed not to indite to fample moron readers. So put the gun-barrel at your glabella, and place your index on the trigger, to experience if this polemical compendium is merely a hapless kerfuffle, or is an impregnable ricochet betraying the doppelganger of its each and every reader.