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Friday, 10 August 2012


Before I was in love with her
I had the knowledge of ignorance
After I had smelt the beautiful mole
At Psyche’s cunt
I have the ignorance of knowledge
What a jaundiced life
Is it
May not be
I don’t know
Who knows
Who knows who knows
Good and evil are identical
Merely the two phases of the same life-cycle
Good is what evil was in past
Evil is what good will be in future
Cupid is cooking hell-broth
What an intelligent ass
Creativity sleeps between his legs
Priests are masturbating in temples
Behind the idols of deities
Thoughts and counter-thoughts
And counter-thoughts and counter-counter-thoughts
Nora Molly Bertha
The new manly women
Joyce Leopold Richard
The new womanly men
What can I do
In reality
In fact even less than nothing
What do I sense about myself
Am I real
This truth is false indeed
I can be that only what I am being taught
What I am being made
In fact I am being prevented from being what really I am
And yet I am accepting it
I am being taught to accept it
Without even raising a single question
But why
Why why why I ask 
I need not cry
Need not lie
Need not even die
I am taught so
But what if I feel like crying
And lying and dying too
What a syphilitic society
Dreams are visible
Reality invisible
Where do I stand
I don’t like me at all
And I can’t see at all why so many people like me
My outward ‘I’ often fails to do what my inner ‘I’ wishes
Very often
And my inner ‘I’ too
Who is my real ‘I’ then
Or me
I prefer most to re-create my creativity
So I murder Nilotpal
Very often
At almost every probable opportunity
And so does he too
At least tries to do so
Both of us
And then resurrect each other eventually
Again and again
And again and again and again and again and …
Thus creativity creates creator
In counter-action …
Creator creates creativity
In counter-action …
Creativity creates creator and so on and so forth
When shall I finish cooking the hell-broth
When shall she offer me her cunt again
When shall all these
Knowledge and ignorance
Good and evil
Thoughts and counter-thoughts
Dreams and reality
Visibility and invisibility
Creativity and creator
Begin to melt into utter insignificance
Yes it will
When one blue midnight
She will tell me foreplaying :
Look dear
Your pubic hairs have begun to turn white
Amen !

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